Building Better Together

The new campaign, Building Better Together, aims to support ongoing enhancements to hospital facilities for patients seeking mental health care in the Yukon. 

“The impacts of residential schools and the COVID-19 pandemic add to the strain and stress of everyday life, and ultimately to the need for improved capacity and quality of our mental health care facilities,” says Mel Johnson, Yukon Hospital Foundation Co-Chair. “That’s why our newest campaign is committed to ensuring the best possible mental health care is available to all Yukoners.”

The new inpatient unit, which is currently in the design phase and scheduled to open Winter 2023, will expand, and enhance the space and programming available for Yukoners who need mental health care, often in an acute state of illness.

This expansion will incorporate culturally appropriate care and feature new indoor and outdoor common spaces for social interaction, recreation and treatment. It will help Yukon Hospitals meet evolving mental health care needs in the territory, and demonstrates a more modern approach to care that includes more private rooms to create better patient care and an overall better healing experience.

“Those struggling with mental illness often suffer in silence with a sense of isolation, and the need for expanded mental health facilities is urgent,” says Karen Forward, Yukon Hospital Foundation President. “This new space and will be a welcome addition where patients can feel supported and cared for in a specialized setting.”

While the Yukon Government has provided funding support for the new unit, the Yukon Hospital Foundation relies on generous community contributions to help further transform the unit into a welcoming, respectful, and uplifting environment for patients, their families and the incredible staff who work to heal our communities.

Donations to Building Better Together can be made here.